Tax Credit Donations

 Fun Fact:  There are 2.5 Million Tax Filers in Arizona and only 3.5% of them are taking advantage 

of the Arizona Private School Tax Credits!  

                                                                        2023 Tax Credit Donation Limits                                                                2024 Tax Credit Donation Limits

                                                                                                 Married Filing Joint           Single Filers                                                      Married Filing Joint           Single Filers 

                       Original Tax Credit                $1,308.00                           $   655.00   $1,459.00                                $ 731.00

                        Switcher Tax Credit                   $1,301.00                       $   652.00      $1,451.00                                $ 728.00 

                                                                      Totals:     $2,609.00                            $ 1,307.00                                        Totals:   $2,910.00                            $ 1,459.00                  

      **   A Taxpayer may donate through April 15th (Tax Day) and count the donation as a tax credit in the preceding tax year.  **   

Two Ways to Donate:  

(1)      Donate On-Line:      Donate Now     

            Note:  If donating On-line and designating a School, please use the Purpose drop-down box to Select the School.

               If you are not designating a School, please Select "Undesignated Original" or "Undesignated Switcher" 

               from the Purpose drop-down.

              Notes section:  Include the Student Recommendation (Format: Last Name, First Name). ***

        (2)      Print the Form:    Download, fill out and mail with your check made payable to CCSTO.   The Mailing address is printed on form.  

                                                          CCSTO 2023 Tax Credit Donation Form CCSTO 2024 Tax Credit Donation Form 

  Arizona Revised Statute - A.R.S. §43-1603(C):

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