Tax Credit Donations

 Fun Fact:  There are 2.5 Million Tax Filers in Arizona and only 3.5% of them are taking advantage 

of the Arizona Private School Tax Credits!  

                                                                        2023 Tax Credit Donation Limits

                                                                                                 Married Filing Joint           Single Filers

                       Original Tax Credit                $1,308.00                           $   655.00

                        Switcher Tax Credit                   $1,301.00                       $   652.00    

                                                                      Totals:     $2,609.00                            $ 1,307.00

      **   A Taxpayer may donate through April 15th (Tax Day) and count the donation as a tax credit in the preceding tax year.  **   

Two Ways to Donate:  

(1)      Donate On-Line:      Donate Now     

            Note:  If donating On-line and designating a School, please use the Purpose drop-down box to Select the School.

               If you are not designating a School, please Select "Undesignated Original" or "Undesignated Switcher" 

               from the Purpose drop-down.

              Notes section:  Include the Student Recommendation (Format: Last Name, First Name). ***

        (2)      Print the Form:    Download, fill out and mail with your check made payable to CCSTO.   The Mailing address is printed on form.  

                                                          CCSTO 2023 Donation Form

  Arizona Revised Statute - A.R.S. §43-1603(C):

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