Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Questions from Donors:

How is CCSTO unique?

CCSTO is unique in that we award scholarships at least monthly and at least 93.5% of our contributions go to student scholarships. Thus our students get more funds more quickly.

How do I contribute?

We have a secured On-line donation process. Go to Tax Credit Donations tab. If you prefer mailing your donation, you can download a current Donation Form from the same tab.

How about my donor information, how is it handled?

The donor information required on our Donation Form is the minimum required by the State of Arizona. We require contact information including EMAIL Address, filing status, and amounts of any other STO donations.   It becomes a permanent part of our confidential files,
and is not shared or sold to unauthorized persons or organizations. Annual donation statements are emailed to the address you list. 
If an email address is not listed, we will mail the statement to you.

May we contribute the $400 to the public school extracurricular donation and $1,000 to the private school donation and get $1,400 back from the state?

Yes it is possible. All Arizona tax credits are individually regulated. However, you cannot receive a refund greater than the amount that you have paid the state by withholdings or other payments. Please check with your tax preparer.

May I contribute less than the allowable limit?

Yes, there is NO minimum tax credit donation amount. There are, however, tax credit donation limits.

Can I deduct my tax credit as a contribution on my federal taxes?

Possibly. We are a 501(c)(3) organization for federal tax purposes, however IRS is looking at removing the Federal Charitable tax benefit.  Please check with your tax preparer.

What if I contribute more than my taxable income?

For state tax purposes, excess contributions can be carried forward for the next five tax years.

What if I am entitled to a tax refund?

Your CCSTO contribution will increase your refund by the amount of the contribution up to the total amount that you have prepaid your state income taxes.

Does the contribution have to be made in one lump sum or can it be paid over time?

We accept contributions in any amount at any time, but each contribution must be accompanied by a Donation Form so that we have a record of the designated school and recommended student.

How do I get the tax credit back?

You must file your Arizona state tax return and claim the tax credit.  Please refer to your tax preparer.

How much of the money that I contribute actually goes to a scholarship?

The law limits organizations like ours to using 10% of individually donated funds to operate. CCSTO guarantees 93.5% of your donations will go to students and reserve  6.5% for operational costs.