Tax Credit Donations

              **   A Taxpayer may donate through April 15th and designate their donation as a tax credit in the preceding tax year.  ** 

                           Fun Fact:  There are 2.5 Million Tax Filers in Arizona with only 3.5% of the market using the 
                                                                 Arizona Private School Tax Credit thru STO's.

                              2022 Tax Credit Donation Limits                                        2023 Tax Credit Donation Limits
                                                                      Married Filing Joint     Single Filers                                                                      Married Filing Joint     Single Filers
                              Original Tax Credit                 $1,245.00                 $     623.00                                Original Tax Credit                 $1,308.00                 $     655.00
                              Switcher Tax Credit                $1,238.00                 $     620.00                               Switcher Tax Credit                $1,301.00                 $     652.00
                                                  Total Limits:     $2,483.00                 $  1,243.00                                                     Total Limits:     $2,609.00                 $  1,307.00
                                  ********     You must donate to the Original Tax Credit Maximum, before donating to the Switcher Tax Credit.    ************
       On-Line Tax Credit Donation:     Secure WePay On Line Donation Site     

Note:  If donating on-line and designating a School, please use the Purpose drop-down box to Select the School.
                    If you are not designating a School, please Select "Undesignated Original" or "Undesignated Switcher" 
                    from the Purpose drop-down.

                    *** In either case, you can give any special information in the notes section, 
                         including the Student Recommendation (Format: Student Last Name, First Name). ***


      Print the Form:  Download, fill out and mail with your check made payable to CCSTOThe PO Box Mailing address is printed on form.
                                          2022 Form: CCSTO 2022 Tax Donation Form
 CCSTO - Take the Credit and Help a Student!                                    
          Arizona Revised Statute - A.R.S. §43-1603(C):
    • A school tuition organization cannot award, restrict or reserve scholarships solely on the basis of a donor's recommendation.
    • A taxpayer may not claim a tax credit if the taxpayer agrees to swap donations with another taxpayer to benefit either taxpayer’s own dependents. 

Key Points:
    • Tuition scholarships are subject to the discretion of CCSTO Selection Committee
    • The Arizona Statute prohibits any designation of your own dependent as a potential recipient
    • Donations will be used for tuition scholarships for K-12 students attending Christian schools in Arizona
    • Awards will be made without regard to the student’s race, color, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin
    • Donations accepted by mail and online! 
  • 100% of donated funds qualify for the Arizona state tax credit

  • Your donation is also eligible as a Federal Charitable Contribution
  •  93.5% of donations made to CCSTO are passed on in the form of tuition scholarships, and reserve 6.5% for operational costs. Once annual operating expenses
     have been met, we reserve any excess for CCSTO Scholarships which are also awarded to students of our School Partners.